Click here to see some amazing photos taken from the Hubble telescope of the Universe that God created and see the relative sizes of earth and our sun with other planets and other stars.

I am a retired maths teacher. Maths students or teachers might be interested in some of the maths I used to cover which shows the fallacy of evolution.
Topics available so far are:-
Helium in the Atmosphere
World Population Growth
The Earth's Magnetic Field

Click here to see some old testament ( Tenach) prophecies written over 2500 years ago to show how the children of Israel would be called back by God to their land of Israel. This is shown in Hebrew and English.

Protect your children or grandchildren from some of the nasty things that can be found on the internet.

Here I have a collection of emails sent to me in the past a mixture of serious and funny. Emails are in PDF format so you wont get a virus from them but powerpoint presentations are as they came to me. Enjoy them.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a DVD with worship songs you can select from and use in a small group to show lyrics on your TV and hear the audio